Basic Information

Stan State Blackboard Basic Information

Students for Technical Support

Contact OIT Technology Support Desk
(209) 667-3687

Start at the Stan State Portal 
Click Blackboard.

See myStanState Help

The Stan State Bb Links and Info Page ( has news and notices. 
    (see Web Browsers)

Bb class rosters are updated from MyCSUStan overnight.
Students must clear a registration HOLD to be added to Bb classe rosters.
Bb Term Courses are turned on for students two days before the first day of instruction, unless the instructor turns the course off.
Bb Term Courses are available for students until Census Date of the next term, unless the instructor turns the course off.
Some instructors will not use Blackboard.

Students see classes on the My Courses module when the course is turned on and their names are on the Bb roster.
     Open University/Extended Ed students are added when data is on MyCSUStan.

When you log in, you are on the StanState Bb tab.

1. Global Navigation menu 

2. Edit your StanState Bb page by clicking Personalize Page.



The Global Navigation menu opens with a list of Recently Visited courses.

See Stan State Student Help Page

Global Navigation Menu


Recent Visit

Global Navigation Menu

1. Bb Home - your Calendar, Recent Grades, and Posts

2. Posts – posts from all your classes

3. Updates – for all courses: announcements, assignments, and due dates.

4. My Grades – grade pages for all courses

5. Calendar – institution, personal, and course calendars


6. Tools - quick access to Bb tools

7. Settings – personal settings links

8. Home - link to Stan State Home Page

9. Help – link to CSUStan Blackboard Help Page

Global Navigation Menu





Drag-and-Drop Modules to rearrange them.

In the My Courses module, click the Course Name to enter that course.

Click the icon to edit the My Courses module.
- Group by Term
- Show/Hide courses and items
- Arrange with drag-and-drop

​Some Modules are locked.

See Stan State Student Help Page






Edit Module


Course Menu

Use the menu Links on the left to navigate.

Course navigation link layouts and names may vary. 

Blackboard auto-hides the course navigation menu on screens less than 1024 pixels wide to provide more space for the page content.
When your menu hides, click the arrow or blue bar on the left side of the page to open the menu.

Warning:  Do not use Browser back buttons to navigate in Blackboard.

Course Menu


Contact your instructor immediately for tests, assignments, and content questions.

When you have a Blackboard technical question or problem - 
contact the Technology Support Desk, L-150, 667-3687. 

Provide the following information.

  • Course name
  • Course Department, 4-digit course number, and section number
  • Your Warrior ID

Bring your Warrior ID Card when you visit the Technology Support Desk.

See Stan State Student Help Page

Blackboard  – Good to Know…​

CSUStan Student Webmail  

Use your University E-Mail account to contact your Instructors.
Read your StanState email for announcements, news, and updates.
Your Blackboard Warrior Name is your email address before the @-sign.
Log in at the Stan State Portal  for your student email, see Need HELP? and other links.
You can forward your CSUStan email to another account.
If you receive a link that opens the Outlook logon page, follow the steps on this page.

Late Enrollment and Adds  

The Bb class roster is updated every day.
The enrollment process may take one to three days before the data transfer to Blackboard.
Students must handle a registration hold to proceed with processing information to Bb.

Open University/ University Extended Education (UEE)  

Students may need to verify their enrollment status with the UEE office.  
Names are added to Bb classes when information is updated on MyCSUStan.  
Contact UEE at 667-3111.

Web Browsers  

Use the most current version of Firefox.  Google Chrome is an alternative browser.
Other browsers may not display all Bb functions correctly. 
See Stan State Software and Hardware Recommendations 

Updates and Settings

Keep your Virus Protection, Internet browser, and Operating System up-to-date.
OIT recommends these free virus protection solutions.
     Avast (Mac and Windows )   
     Avira (Mac and Windows)   
            Click Free > Antivirus > select OS

Avoid Beta versions for software or OS.  Your files may be corrupted or unusable for the instructor, negating all your work.
    Tech Info:  Contact the Technology Support Desk - L-150, 667-3687.
See also Student Help  

Use Firefox 

Turn off Pop-Up Blockers for tests and quizzes.  Avoid WiFi and mobile devices for tests.
Specialized dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) browsers (AOL, MSN, etc.) may not work with Blackboard.  
Connect to the Internet through your ISP, minimize their browser, and open Firefox for Blackboard.  
You may need to click a link on a dial-up ISP browser occasionally to avoid a time-out and disconnect from the ISP.

Other Software and Plug-Ins  

Most instructors use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files.  
See (Windows & Mac) for a free office suite that will open and Save As MS Office files.  
Apple iWork applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) open and save as MS Office files (docx, xlsx, pptx).
Google Docs will download in Microsoft formats (select File > Download as).
- Google Docs exported in MS Word format may not process correctly for TurnItIn.  
   - Open the file in MS Word and save as a new name.

Other useful applications and plug-ins include Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player.
Stan State Plugins, Readers, Software

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