Add YouTube Video to your Blackboard Page

Add Your Own Video to a Blackboard Page


Add a YouTube Video to a Bb Page
1. Create a video
   Windows 8+
        Record video with a Camera/Video App
        Record video with Photo Booth, QuickTime, iOS device connected to the computer, or other video recording app
   Any OS
       Use an app or an online video creation site/service to record and download the video to your computer
   iOS and Android Devices
       Record video with your camera or select an existing video
       Use the YouTube app

2. Upload your video to YouTube - Default - 15-minute limit 
  - Upload video longer than 15-minutes  - Increase your video length limit, if necessary
  - Most effective videos are short (2 - 12 minutes).  Break longer videos into segments.

3, Use YouTube Mashup or Insert Web Link in Bb.
    - Create a Mashup (2:12)
    - Add a Mashup to the YouTube video
    - Add a WebLink to the YouTube video

Instructor Video Feedback
      Upload a short video (< 50 MB) to the Grade Center - Feedback to Learner.
      Use the Bb Grader (iPad) video feedback (2:42).
         Download Bb Grader (iPad 2+, iPad mini; iOS7+)


Stan State Communication and Collaboration Tools and Apps

  • Blackboard Collaborate - web conferencing
    Course Rooms and the Instructor's Room (My Room) are in Bb
  • Camtasia - screen recording with editing
    - videos can be uploaded to YouTube and linked to Bb, small videos (< 50 MB) can be uploaded to Bb
  • Mediasite - lecture capture and video streaming
    - content can be linked from Bb
  • Voice Thread - voice and video collaboration, lecture recording, with our without student comments 
    - links are in Bb
  • Zoom - online meetings and presentations, virtual office hours, breakout rooms, record yourself
    - links are in Bb

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