About Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard (Bb) is our campus web-based learning platform. Faculty use Bb for fully online, hybrid/blended, and web-enhanced face-to-face courses. Some will not use it. Students must check with the instructor to verify Bb use.

Courses are turned on for students at the beginning of each term.  Some instructors turn off access and others allow the course to remain open without content.  
Courses are turned off for student access on Census Date of the following Fall/Spring Term.

Students can hide old or unused courses on the My Courses module.

Faculty and students can share content and communicate with each other. Some courses will use discussion boards, online assessments, email, and more. The instructor decides which tools and features to use.  Some instructors modify the navigation menu.  Check with the instructor for questions.

Stan State uses the Bb Original Course View.  Bb Help Page references to the Ultra Course View do not apply to our Bb system.

Faculty or Staff can request a Blackboard Organization, a non-academic site, for posting information, holding discussions, and sharing documents for educational, research, or administrative missions of Stan State.

Bb Basic Information (Student oriented)

Where Do I Start (Faculty information - Bb Help Pages)

Bb News and Information

We send information about Bb to Faculty by direct e-mail or through Postmaster.  Most email will be from BbSupport.

Messages for Students and Faculty/Staff are placed on the Bb entry page, Bb Announcements, and Bb Information Modules.

Bb and Related Workshops

Faculty/Staff sessions offered during Fall and Spring Terms at the John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center (FDC - Building 30) are sponsored by the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (FCETL) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

See the Faculty Center page - EventsWorkshops menu for the full schedule and information.

Faculty/Staff can schedule one-on-one and small group Bb and Accessibility sessions.
Contact Bob, BbSupport-at-csustan.edu, 667-3898, to arrange group sessions.

Students, contact the Technology Support Desk, L-150, 667-3687, for technical assistance.  
Students must contact the instructor first for course content assistance, especially assessments and assignments.

What Do I Need to Use Bb?

  • For most Bb work, a computer with an Internet connection, high-speed or broadband recommended, and a high-resolution screen (greater than 2015 pixels).
    For tests, use a hard-wired connection; avoid WiFi (wireless) or a mobile device.
    Keep your operating system, applications, and virus/malware protection up to date.
  • The ability to navigate the Web; download and upload files; open, save/save as/export/share, and close files; and use computer applications.
  • Software such as an Office Suite with Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation applications.
    Some instructors may require special multi-media software applications for image, video, and audio files.
    Many instructors prefer you submit documents in Microsoft formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
    Check with your instructor for specific software requirements for class.
  • We recommend Firefox for all Bb activity.  The Google Chrome browser is our second recommendation.
    BB Browser Support with Browser Checker.

Bb Updates and Maintenance

Bb update and maintenance announcements are posted in Bb Announcements, on the Bb Entry Page, and on the Bb Information Module.
Faculty may also receive email announcements from BbSupport.

We advise users to avoid taking tests or uploading/downloading files during maintenance, even when Bb remains available.
Some updates require Bb to be turned off until the process is complete.

Mobile Apps

Stan State Mobile 
- iOS and Android
Includes a Bb component

Blackboard Apps 
- iOS, Android

Mobile apps do not replace Bb on your computer.  They let you view content while on the go.

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