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New Blackboard - 2015 Fall (Bb-MH)

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Important Notice

Special 2015 Fall Blackboard Maintenance (Bb-MH)
- Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
- 2:00 - 4:00 AM
Blackboard will be unavailable during that time.
Please plan accordingly.

If your browser displays warnings or exceptions, click the button to accept or continue to add the new information to your browser history.

Warrior Username - the first part of your CSUStan e-mail address, before the @ symbol
(i.e., SBond@csustan.edu - Warrior Username is sbond).

   Forgot your Warrior Username?

Warrior Password is case sensitive.
   Students:  Forgot your Warrior Password?  
   Faculty/Staff:  Visit the OIT Help Desk, L-150, for password issues.

About Bb-MH and Bb-Local

  • Use the New Blackboard - 2015 Fall (Bb-MH) sign in to enter our new Blackboard Managed Hosting service.
  • Use the Summer 2015 Blackboard Courses link to enter our Local-Hosted system (CSUStan Bb-Local).
  • Blackboard's Managed Hosting service goal is to provide 99+% uptime, with no daily scheduled downtime, as on our Local-Hosted system.
  • Your day-to-day use on Bb-MH will be the same as on Bb-Local, plus some new tools and features.
  • Faculty can copy content from migrated courses on Bb-MH to 2015 Fall courses.
  • Summer 2015 courses will remain available on Bb-Local until Sept. 21 for students. Instructor access is always on.
  • Remaining courses are being migrated to Bb-MH.
  • Faculty may migrate course content from Bb-Local to BbMH (750 MB limit).

Browser Information

We recommend Firefox for all Blackboard work.


  • If you encounter browser issues, clear your browser's cache.
  • Avoid using a custom browser provided by an Internet Service Provider (e.g., AOL, Charter, Comcast).
  • Dial-up connections provide slower response than Hi-Speed connections.
  • We no longer recommend Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. 
  • Check, install, and update your operating system, browser plugins, and related software.
  • Use Firefox.


Summer 2015 Blackboard Courses

Blackboard Local-Hosted System (Bb-Local)
Enter your Warrior Username and Warrior Password on the Bb- Local Entry Page

Test Taking

  • Use a computer with a wired connection.
  • Read the Test Taking Tips.
  • Avoid mobile devices and wireless connections.

Blackboard File Naming Protocol

When uploading files to Blackboard (such as submitting assignments)

  • Use only letters, numerals, hyphens, and underscores in the file name.
  • Other characters or spaces may corrupt the file and make it unusable.
  • Limit the complete file name to 64 characters.


Update - YouTube and VideoEverywhere (Record from Webcam)

YouTube Mashup and Record from Webcam tools are restored on Bb-MH.

They are not available on Bb-Local.

For best results, use Firefox.



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