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Bb Best Practices

- Test Taking Basics

  • Use Firefox
  • Internet Explorer/Edge
    - may display ONLY the first and last test questions, hiding all others
    - may not allow viewing Instructor Feedback
    - may corrupt an Assignment submission, making it blank
  • Use a computer with a wired connection
    - High-Speed recommended
    - Avoid mobile devices and WiFi
  • Click only Bb navigation buttons and links
  • Click links or buttons once and wait
  • Read the complete Test Taking Tips
  • Problem? Take Screen Shots  
    - Contact your instructor immediately  
    - Instructor may contact OIT

- Submitting, Attaching, Uploading

  • Close the file and quit the file's application before uploading
    - open files may not upload correctly, invalidating your work
  • File Name - use only letters, numerals, hyphens, and underscores
    - Other characters or spaces may corrupt the file and make it unusable
  • Limit File Name to a maximum of 64 characters

- Media Files

- Portfolios

- Manage My Courses Module




Blackboard System Update

Saturday, Dec. 22,
3:30 am - 3:30 pm PST

Bb Tech Support will update our system.

Bb will be unavailable during the update.

What's coming in 2019 
including the return of Course Themes

Please plan ahead.


Quick Links

How to unhide your Navigation Menu 
     (left side - course menu)

Faculty - Also check Edit Mode


Browser Information

Blackboard Browser Checker

  • We recommend Firefox for Blackboard
  • Alternate browser:  Google Chrome
  • We recommend not using MS Internet Explorer or Edge for Bb
  • Bb, Inc., browser support
    - some browsers work better than others for different Bb activities
    - your experience depends on your personal settings
    - if you encounter issues, use a different 
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Keep browser, plugins, and related software up to date
    - use automatic updates or check regularly and run updates
  • Click Accept or Continue to update certificate information
  • Avoid using custom browsers from Internet Service Providers 
    (e.g., AOL, Charter, Comcast)
  • For best results, use a wired, High-Speed Internet connection 
    (e.g., Cable, DSL)
  • Avoid wireless (WiFi) connections and mobile devices for tests and uploads


Stan State Communication and Collaboration Tools

  - Camtasia - screen recording with editing
  - Collaborate - Bb web conferencing
  - Mediasite - lecture capture and content streaming
  - VoiceThread - voice and video collaboration, lecture recording
  - YouTube Mashup - add your own video to a Bb page  
  - Zoom - online meetings and presentations, virtual office hours


Bb Spell Check - Firefox - macOS/OS X







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