Stan State Herbarium

Two lab members study a preserved plant specimen

About the Herbarium

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The Stan State Herbarium is located in Naraghi Hall, room 213 (collections room).

The Stanislaus State Herbarium houses and catalogs thousands of plant specimens, with more added regularly. The extensive collection contains samples spanning decades, with some dating all the way back to the 1930s.

There are over 7500 plant specimens currently lodged and databased in the collections. Stan State students are the primary collectors and curators, working tirelessly to ensure that all specimens are properly sorted and protected, so that they may benefit science now and for years to come. The collection emphasizes native plants in Stanislaus and adjacent counties, but also includes collections from across California and outside of the state.

SHTC; history? began in 1960ish by ?

There is a separate collection of just plants from the Stan State campus. 

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Our Goals

We have focused on digitizing the specimen label information, and making the herbarium more useful for students at Stan State, and more broadly.