Molecular and Microbial Biology

This concentration provides a focus on biological processes at the cellular and sub-cellular levels. Students interested in genetics, molecular biology, or microbiology can select courses specific to that sub-discipline.

1. Complete at least 2 units from the following Biotechnology courses:

2. Complete at least 4 units from the following Structure and Function courses:

3. Complete at least 4 units from the following Ecology courses:

4. Complete at least 5 units from the following Diversity and Systematics courses:

5. Complete at least 10 units from the following Complementary courses:

6. Complete at least 11 units of electives from Structure and Function, Complementary courses, and/or from the following list:

*A maximum of 4 units may be satisfied by lower division biology courses. A maximum of 2 units may be satisfied by BIOL 4900 series courses or CR-graded coursework from courses graded exclusively CR/NC. Four units of specific non-biology science courses may be applied toward the major