On Wednesdays We Wear Red

Warrior Pride, Wear your RED on Wednesdays

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) works to encourage students to play an active role in establishing a sense of school spirit and unity amongst the campus community.

The Warrior Pride movement is spearheaded by the students of ASI who have a joint goal with the University Student Center in having all students, staff, and faculty on board with wearing red on Wednesdays to show school spirit.

Students who wear red on Wednesdays have the opportunity to be featured on the ASI & SC social media platforms and website whether it be in an in person setting or virtually.

Why do we wear red on Wednesdays?

We wear our Warrior Red to showcase the level of affinity our campus community has for our university, and promote Warrior Pride and unity wherever we go!

It goes beyond the color, the color red was one of the original colors the university established to commemorate and honor the native’s who inhabited the land our university resides on.

We continue to honor our history by promoting red through our school spirit traditions and will continue to do so for the future.

Contact Info

For more information or questions please contact Jocelyn Castellanos - ASI Programs Supervisor, at 209-667-3816 or email at jcastellanos3@csustan.edu