ASI Student Resource Advisor


The ASI Student Resource Advisor provides support as a peer mentor for Stanislaus State students and serves as a liaison for students with faculty and administration. As a currently enrolled student, the Student Resource Advisor is someone who is connected to “student life” and speaks from the student’s perspective. The Student Resource Advisor is dedicated to providing a safe and empowering environment for students and is committed to working for the betterment of all students.

Duties of the Student Resource Advisor 

  • Assist students with grade appeal process
  • Serve as resource referral agent to students
  • Act as a liaison between the University and the Associated Students, Inc. pertaining to student rights and regulations
  • Assist students in the understanding of university policies and procedures
  • Assist students with the Student Petition for Exception to University-Wide Requirements process

Student Resource Advisor Forms

Important Deadlines to Remember


Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Submit First Grade Appeal**



Census Date – Add/Drop Course



** Grade appeals may only be submitted in the first four weeks of the semester following the semester in which grade was received. Example: To challenge a grade received for the Fall or Winter semesters, a grade appeal must be submitted during first four weeks of the Spring semester.

Contact Info

For more information, questions or concerns contact the ASI Student Resource Advisor via email at