Student Government Elections

2022 - 2023

ASI USU Student Elections

Elections Overview

What is the purpose of ASI Elections?

ASI Elections are held each year during the spring semester, where Executives and Directors are elected to serve the following academic year on the ASI Board of Directors.

The ASI Board of Directors' purpose is to serve the students of Stanislaus State in all matters pertaining to the quality of their education. As the collective voice of the students, leaders advocate for change, support and provide resources to create positive contributions both on and off-campus.

What is on the ballot?

  • 2020-2021 ASI Board of Directors
    • Cast your vote and vote for your next student representative for 2022-2023 Academic Year.
  • ASI Bylaws Changes
    • Vote "yes" to make proposed changes on ASI Bylaws.
  • Direction on the 2022-23 Student Government Priorities
    • ASI Student Government would like to know what specific areas of interest or student concerns would like to be researched, reviewed, addressed and improved during 2022-2023 Academic Year.

ASI Elections Official Detailed Results Link


ASI Elections Supporting Documents
General student body information:

Information and documents for ASI Elections Candidates:

Contact Info

Any questions may be directed to

Irlanda Vela –ASI Elections Chair/ Student Government Student Coordinator

Maria Marquez –ASI Interim Student Government Assistant