Multicultural Events

The Multicultural Events programming group, funded by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), works to coordinate series of events that celebrate the diversity in cultural backgrounds of our students on campus.

Through music, dance, art, and food, we highlight some of the festive and amazing aspects of various cultures all around us. Stay tuned for all the exciting cultural events in the works for the near future.

Types of Events to Look Forward to..

In the Virtual Setting

In an effort to comply with social distancing CDC recommendations regarding Covid-19, the in-person programs above have been paused for the time being to ensure the well-being of our campus community.

Programming and student life, however does not come to a halt. The Associated Students, Inc. is still committed to providing new and exciting quality programs during a virtual setting.

We have formed partnerships with on campus departments and student organizations to continue with cultural programming during this virtual setting.

Please stay tuned on the ASI & SC social media for updates on upcoming student life virtual events!

Contact Info

For more information or questions please contact Jocelyn Castellanos - ASI Programs Supervisor, at (209) 667-3816 or email at