Financial Forms & Documents

Forms Description
ASI Check Request

Form must be completed and submitted to the ASI & SC Front Desk in the University Student Center for any funds requested from the Student Organization account.

Accounts Sheet

Form is used as a reference to assist in filling out the line item accounts on the Check Request Form.

Deposit Slips

Complete and submit this form together with funds being deposited into Student Organization account. Turn in form and funds to the ASI & SC Front Desk in the University Student Center.

10 Tips on Handling Money

Use this sheet for some quick tips on handling your Student Organization funds.

 Vendor Tax 204

Any person or company receiving a reimbursement, advance, or direct vendor payment must fill out a Vendor 204 Form, unless previously filed with the university. Attach Vendor 204 Form to the completed check request before submitting. Check requests will not be processed if vendor 204 form is not on file. *Vendor 204 Form not needed for payments to on campus departments.

Policy Forms & Documents

Form Description

Student Organization Accounts Administration Agreement Policy

Student Organization Accounts Administration Agreement Form

All newly chartered Student Organizations must file this form in order to establish an on campus bank account through ASI. Form must also be filed with every change of president and/or treasurer.
ASI & SC Student Organization Funding Policy All chartered Student Organizations that are requesting event funding from Associated Students Inc. and the Univeristy Student Center must meet all requirements outlined in the ASI & SC Student Organization Funding Policy. Review contents of policy prior to submitting an application.
ASI & SC Student Organizations Funding - Post Event Report This form is to be submitted within two weeks of a ASI & SC funded event taking place. Please submit form together with pertinent receipts, check request, invoices, or other necessary documents.

Contact Info

For questions contact Maria Marquez - Interim ASI Student Government Assistant, at (209) 667-3848 or email at