ASI Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC)


The Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC) is a 10-week leadership introduction and development program. The program allows the interested student to get involved with Student Government and learn the ins-and-outs of the organization.

SGLC provides an introduction to ASI, its units, and their organizational structure. The program will focus on Student Government and the development of leaders who know and understand the rules and regulations that govern the ASI Board of Directors (BOD). It allows students to gain a general experience of Student Government at Stanislaus State and in the CSU.

The learning outcomes of SGLC are to assist students in gaining a further insight of their leadership style, form connections with current leaders in ASI and on campus, and expose Stanislaus State students to the necessary tools to become effective leaders while at Stanislaus State.


  • Must be able to attend meetings Wednesdays at 4:00 pm
  • Have a minimum 2.0 Cum GPA
  • Be an enrolled student at Stanislaus State


  • Week 1: What is ASI? What is USU? What is ASI/USU?
  • Week 2: Student Government (Board of Directors, Warrior Lobby Team, and Student Government Leadership Council
  • Week 3: University Wide Committees
  • Week 4: Campus Structure
  • Week 5: Student Trustee and The California State University System
  • Week 6: California State Student Association (CSSA)
  • Week 7: Governing Documents
  • Week 8: Budget
  • Week 9: Parliamentary Procedures, aka Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Week 10: Elections

SGLC group picture

SGLC Student Group Picture

For more information please contact Katie Rotan - Interim ASI Leadership & Student Government Manager at 209-664-6517 or