ASI Student Advocate

Student Advocate​The Student Advocate is responsible for helping with grade appeals and any other policy related challenge a student may be facing.

CSU Stanislaus students need someone who is also a student to relate to when facing challenging situations. The student advocate is a person to talk to who is not removed from "student life", and is knowledgeable regarding campus policies and procedures.

Duties of the Student Advocate

  • Act as liaison between the University and the Associated Students, Inc. on matters pertaining to student rights and regulations
  • Preserve confidentiality regarding all discussions, issues, concerns, or problems of those individuals registering complaints
  • Conduct thorough investigations of all matters brought forth
  • Understand the University policies and procedures
  • Represent the Associated Students, Inc. on grade appeal committees
  • Assist with the development and implementation of all policies pertaining to student rights or discipline
  • Help students with the grade appeal proces

Student Advocate Forms

Student Advocate Contact

Jerelle Wilson
Phone: 667-3826
Office: UU206 - See Map