USU Daily Events

USU Daily events is a part of Code Red Entertainment which hosts events such as Warriors in the Quad and Stanflix Movie Nights. These events occur multiple times a semester and are a way to provide students with a break from their busy schedules.

At Warriors in the Quad students are encouraged to wear red on Wednesdays so they could potentially get incentives by showing their school pride. Warriors in the Quad is also a way to have fun with friends or pick up a treat from our Code Red Entertainment members and staff.

Stanflix movie nights are an opportunity to watch a movie for free! Movie selection is based on ratings and popularity during their showing in theatres. Movies that have that have been featured are Beauty and the Beast, Get Out, Finding Dory, Fantastic Beasts, Rogue One, and many more!

             Students Playing Games           Students going to play twister   

For more information or questions please contact:

Lyzz Guzman
ASI Programs Advisor