Associated Students, Inc.

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The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) of California State University, Stanislaus is the official voice of the students. Our mission is to pursue and provide opportunities fostering student leadership and development and enhance our ever-changing campus and local community by instilling a sense of pride through services and events offered to our diverse population.


The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) of California State University, Stanislaus is an independent, not for profit, corporation that pursues growth and educational opportunities for all students in order to develop well-rounded and intellectually diverse individuals. We will facilitate a respectable and working relationship between our students, and the university and external communities.

ASI will attract highly motivated individuals who exhibit determination, enthusiasm, devotion, and a willingness to develop leadership skills. While effectively participating in shared governance we will strive to advocate for the needs and interests of Stanislaus State students by taking action on educational, social, and political issues at the university, local, state-wide levels, and federal issues affecting higher education.

ASI will offer a wide-range of high-quality programs and services to facilitate students’ educational, social, and emotional growth. Through these programs and services, we will enhance campus pride and student involvement while strengthening the relationship between the University and surrounding area through community engagement.

As our campus grows, ASI will strive to meet the needs and demands of our ever-changing campus and local communities.


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