Student Services

Turlock Transit Graphic with Bus

Turlock Transit

Warriors RIDE FREE with Turlock Transit. This service allows access to all Turlock Transit routes, just by showing your Warrior ID card. ASI will continue to provide students with more information on bus routes.


Warrior Discounter

The Warrior Discount Program is designed to benefit both students and the Turlock community. Students can use their Warrior ID Cards around the community for special discounts on purchases. Decals will be displayed on the window of participating businesses. Buy more and spend less!


ASI Student Resource Assistant

The ASI Student Resource Assistant provides support as a peer mentor for Stanislaus State students and serves as a liaison for students with faculty and administration. The ASI Student Resource Assistant can assist with grade appeals, understanding of university policies and procedures, and assist with the Student Petition process.

 The service desk is a great resource for printing

Front Desk

The ASI & SC Front Desk, located inside Housing 122, offers many services to meet students, staff & faculty needs in a helpful & efficient manner. Students, staff & faculty can purchase prints, copies, fax & scan. The ASI & SC Front Desk is also the location where you can pay for Weekend Warrior Trips & purchase Warrior Merchandise.