ASI & SC Student Organization Funding

The Student Life Fund is a tool used to promote student involvement, have more events on campus, and allows a chance for student organizations to fundraise.  The Student Life Fund for the academic year has $22,500 allocated to it from the annual ASI & SC Operating Budget.  Only chartered student organizations can request up to $800 per academic year to fund their on-campus activities. 

The Diversity Fund is another opportunity for student organizations to get funding for their events. The student programs, events, fundraisers, or activities that will be funded must embrace and emphasize culture and diversity to the campus community. ASI has set aside $15,000 to help fund cultural and diverse events on campus. Student organizations can request up to $1,000 per academic year to fund their cultural events or activities. This $1,000 is separate from the $800 cap for Student Life Funds.

There are two sessions each semester to request funds from Student Life Fund and from the Diversity Fund.

The steps for requesting funds are as follows:

  • Complete the New Funding Request online and make sure to select Student Life Fund or Diversity Fund in the drop down bar. Application must be submitted 10 calendar days prior to the committee meeting date.
  • Meet with the ASI Administrative Assistant - Programs at least seven calendar days prior to the Budget Committee meeting.
  • Attend a Budget Committee meeting to provide committee members with information about your event. It is required that you provide marketing/advertising materials. 
  • The committee will vote on the approval or denial of the student organization funds requested.
  • If approved, you must submit a Check Request Form to the ASI Front Desk with minutes from your organization’s meeting in order to use the funds. If approved, the funds will automatically be distributed into your account. Before submitting the form, please review the procedures for filling out the Check Request Form.

ASI & SC Student Organization Funding Policy



Contact Info

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