CSU GE for CCC's

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​CSU GE Breadth Approved for California Community Colleges

In addition to articulation agreements, the ASSIST.org database also provides:

  • CSU Baccalaureate (transferable) course lists
  • CSU GE-Breadth Certification course lists
  • CSU US History, Constitution, and American Ideals courses

Since ASSIST.org is undergoing a significant upgrade, these lists are not currently accessible to the public. Therefore, CSU Approved GE for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 for Stanislaus' top 35 feeders may be accessed below. 

These documents are from California Community College catalogs or the CIAC (statewide articulation) listserve. Documents are added as they become available. Please direct inquiries to your Articulation Officer.