Articulation Updates

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Currently is undergoing a major upgrade affecting all public institutions of higher education in California. The ASSIST Resource Center is the source for updates about the status and expected launch date of the new website. Due to this upgrade, 2016-2017 articulation agreements are the most recent available. Stanislaus State will continue to honor 2016-2017 agreements, however it is strongly advised to use the Academic Catalog in conjunction. Major program and articulation updates for past and current academic year agreements are provided below.

As of September 2019, Stanislaus State Departmental Agreements are now available in ASSIST. As is still in the midst of upgrades and updates, certain agreements are not available for viewing due to bugs. If you do not see the agreement you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to the Articulation Analyst with any questions or concerns.

Disclaimer: The updates below are intended as summary only. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for detailed information. 

Articulation information is still being added. Please check back frequently or contact the Articulation Analyst for assistance.