University's Stockton Center enrollment shows big increase

Boosted by a heavy demand for online classes, enrollment for summer and fall sessions at the California State University, Stanislaus Stockton Center is on a sharp upswing.

With six online e-learning classes in Business Administration and Teacher Education at or near capacity and 11 on-site sessions filling fast, enrollment for the Stockton Center's summer session that opens on June 11 is up 39 percent over the final 2006 count. CSU Stanislaus has enrolled 374 Stockton students for the summer sessions so far compared to a final count of 273 last year.

If current enrollment numbers for the fall semester that does not start until September 5 are any indication, demand is going to be heavy for those classes as well. Early fall enrollment numbers are up 42 percent over 2006 and point to a substantial increase over the 1,008 students who took classes last year. Seven e-learning classes are currently scheduled for the fall semester at the Stockton Center.

"We are committed to providing access to public higher education for students in the San Joaquin County region who want to earn a degree and take their classes in Stockton," CSU Stanislaus President Hamid Shirvani said. "Our classes are offered at convenient times, and many of them are available online so that people in the workforce and with commitments in the home can achieve their educational goals."

Stockton Center Director Dave Hamlett said emphasis on providing two and three-year course plans at the University Park location for continuing students in a number of degree programs as well as e-learning and graduate studies opportunities have helped increase enrollment interest in the San Joaquin County region.

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