University to test emergency preparedness in November 16 exercise

California State University, Stanislaus will join with other regional agencies to host a large-scale emergency exercise on Friday, November 16. The simulated incident at the Student Housing Complex will include student volunteers who will portray injured victims and a number of regional emergency personnel and their vehicles will be on the scene.

The University's ability to respond to an emergency and to quickly and directly communicate with students and employees during an emergency will be tested during the exercise.

Making its debut during the exercise will be the University's new Direct Emergency Notification system. Through this system, University employees and students will receive direct and immediate notification about emergencies affecting the campus. Timely warnings and emergency details will be sent to employees and students on their personal hand-held devices, typically in the form of a text message on a cell phone or BlackBerry. As the system is implemented, students and employees will be directed to a University website where they can specify the phone number where they want notices sent.

The University also has a website devoted to emergency readiness and response information for the campus community at: The link appears at the bottom of the homepage under the heading "Emergency Information." Urgent alerts will be posted to the site to provide current information on emergencies in progress.

When an emergency or campus crisis occurs, the campus community can also call a special emergency alert number: 877-STAN411 (877-782-6411). Recorded messages will update callers on campus conditions and emergency procedures.