Statement on the CSU Stanislaus Ethnic Studies Program

The following statement, which clarifies CSU Stanislaus' position regarding its Ethnic Studies program, was issued today on behalf of Provost and Vice President James T. Strong and Dean James A. Tuedio of the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

"Ethnic Studies is a critically important area of academic study within the University's curriculum. It is especially important given the makeup of our student body and the region. The discipline of Ethnic Studies promotes appreciation for diversity and the ideals of a just society. As such, the mission of the program coheres strongly with the University's academic mission and vision and reflects a valuable cultural investment in the health and well-being of contemporary society. CSU Stanislaus has no plans to eliminate its Ethnic Studies program or to place its curriculum within a broader program. Further, regarding the pending retirements of two members of the program in December 2013, college-level processes are in place to address the permanent faculty needs of the program once these core faculty retire."