Stanislaus State Provides More Than Sevenfold Return on State’s Investment

April 01, 2021

Stanislaus State campus

The University has contributed $476.6 million in industry activity throughout the region and created more than 4,500 jobs according to a new economic impact study.

A new economic impact study released by the California State University confirms the importance of Stanislaus State’s economic contributions to the San Joaquin Valley, including a return of $7.41 in positive economic activity for every dollar invested in the campus by the State of California. 

Some of the other notable examples of Stan State’s annual regional economic impact include: 

  • $476.6 million in industry activity throughout the region 
  • $163.5 million in labor income 
  • $30.6 million in state and local tax revenue 
  • The creation of more than 4,589 jobs 

This study confirms the significant role Stan State plays in growing and sustaining the regional economy while also providing an educated workforce for the San Joaquin Valley,” said Stan State President Ellen Junn. “more than sevenfold return on investment is impressive, and itvalidation that funds committed to Stan State are truly wise investments.” 

The CSU study was conducted by global advisory and digital services provider ICF utilizing data from 2018-19. 

The report also shed light on the value of Stan State degrees to alumni, their families and the regional economy. In 2019, Stan State alumni who remained in the San Joaquin Valley earned an additional $1.2 billion in earnings attributable to their degree, and alumni who remained in the state earned an additional $1.45 billion. 

With more than 10,000 students enrolled, Stan State is part of the 23-campus California State University system. As a state-supported institution, the CSU budget comes from the state’s General Fund allocation. California’s increased investment in the CSU over the past several years has boosted student success and increased graduation rates to all-time high levels under the University’s Graduation Initiative 2025 

Stan State serves a diverse student body at two locations  a beautiful 228-acre campus in Turlock and the Stockton Campus. Widely recognized for its dedicated faculty and high-quality academic programs, the University offers 45 undergraduate programs, 14 master’s programssix credential programs and a doctorate in educational leadership.