Stanislaus State Earns Three Honors at Human Resources Symposium

April 25, 2016


Professor Edward H. Hernandez and students Jessica Garcia and Alejandra Delgadillo will continue Stanislaus State’s 11-year run of awards at the annual HR Symposium, which will be held Tuesday, April 26, in Santa Clara.

Hernandez will be awarded the 2016 Human Resource Excellence Award after being nominated by a large group of Bay Area-based Stan State alumni who have used their Stan State educations to gain employment as human resource professionals.

Garcia and Delgadillo each received $3,000 as winners of the Lyn Boone Memorial Scholarship, the country’s largest human resources scholarship. They were the only two undergraduate students in California to receive the award this year. Stanislaus undergraduate students have won scholarships at this event each year since first applying in 2006.