Stanislaus State Catalyst Project to Assist Dreamers

October 12, 2018


Stan State has received an initial $125,000 grant to establish the Stanislaus State Catalyst Project (SSCP), a project to expand the programs, workshops and information sessions currently in place to assist Dreamers.

The grant is coming from the California Campus Catalyst Fund of Immigrants Rising, an Oakland-based organization that empowers undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation.

Through the grant, the SSCP will establish a space in the University’s Diversity Center outfitted with multi-language laptop computers that students and their families can use to access online resources, connect with legal advisors and complete electronic paperwork. Bilingual translation services will be provided as needed. The SSCP space also will provide a safe place for students to study, socialize, plan events and build community. The space will be staffed by the Dreamers Project Coordinator, Dreamer Peer Mentors and Outreach Student Assistants.

The SSCP’s goal will be to build the collaboration necessary to design impactful programming and empower students to become community leaders and advocates. It also will help support family education regarding immigration issues and services, which has been identified as one of the greatest challenges undocumented students and their families face in our region.