Stan State Sending 10 Scholars to Statewide Student Research Competition

March 22, 2017


Ten outstanding Stan State students emerged from the University’s 31st annual Student Research Competition, held March 12, with high marks and invitations to the statewide CSU Student Research Competition.

In all, 27 undergraduate and nine graduate students made academic presentations during the five sessions of the Stan State competition, with undergraduates Guadalupe Calvillo, Ka Chan, Mariah Gonsalez, Monica Gudino, Rebecca Rooker and Michelle Varni, as well as graduate students Jonathan Byron, Josephine Hazelton, Jacqueline Hollcraft and Leena Jamaleddin earning trips to the statewide event at Cal Poly on April 28-29.

“Our 10 Stan State delegates were selected by our faculty juries as demonstrating an exceptional level of scholarship, as well as excellence in their presentations,” said Matthew R. Cover, associate professor of ecology and interim director of the Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE).

“Our students will compete against hundreds of top student scholars from other CSU campuses for statewide recognition. Given the brilliance and hard work of our students, as well as the excellent mentorship and guidance provided by their outstanding faculty advisors, I am confident that our students will be successful at the statewide competition.”

Here is the list of the top three in each of the five sessions, along with the titles of their presentations and their faculty advisors.

31st Annual Stan State Student Research Competition

Undergraduate Humanities & Social Science Session

1st Place:  Michelle Varni (Eroticizing Entertainment: How Gai*Gun: Double Peace Affects the Female Image) - Dr. Daniel Horvath - Communication Studies.

2nd Place:  Mariah Gonsalez (The Flames of War: A Critical Analysis of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s Recruitment Materials) - Dr. Michael Tumolo - Communication Studies

3rd Place:  Michelle Velasquez and Kylee McMillian (Intrusive Thoughts and Health Problems: The Role of Anxiety and Worry) - Dr. Victor Luevano - Psychology

Undergraduate Arts & Humanities Session

1st Place:  Rebecca Rooker (The Myth of Cleopatra: Shrewd Sovereign or Wanton Woman) - Dr. Katherine Royer - History

2nd Place:  Monica Gudino (Feminine Fallout: The Horrors of Femaleness in the Post-Apocalyptic Genre) - Dr. Monica Flores - English

3rd Place:  Mathew Lloyd (A Communist in My Family Tree) - Dr. Marjorie Sanchez-Walker - History

Undergraduate Natural Sciences Session

1st Place:  Ka Chan (Synthesis of Suberedamine A) - Dr. Nhu-Y Stessman - Chemistry

2nd Place:  Guadalupe Calvillo (Electrochemical Characterization of Free-Base Triphenylcorrole Reduced and Oxidized Tautomers) - Dr. Elvin Aleman - Chemistry

3rd Place:  Krystle Sanders (The Physiological and Psychological Effects of a Pre-Exercise Amino Acid Supplement) - Dr. Jeff Bernard - Kinesiology

Graduate Arts & Humanities Session

1st Place:  Jonathan Byron (The Catholicism of Poison in The Jew of Malta) - Dr. Anthony Perrello - English

2nd Place:  Jacqueline Hollcraft (The Forbidden Fruit of The Duchess of Malfi)- Dr. Anthony Perrello - English

3rd Place:  Leena Jamaleddin (Creating a Critical Edition of 19th Century Nautical Melodramas) - Dr. Arnold Schmidt - English

Graduate Social Science Session

Master’s 1st Place:  Josephine Hazelton (Public Administrators: Selective Hearing in Active Transportation Decision-Making) - Dr. Gerard Wellman - Public Administration

Doctoral 1st Place:  Heather Muser (A Parent’s Dream Come True: A Study of Student Parents’ Academic Engagement in Higher Education) - Dr. Virginia Montero-Hernandez - Educational Leadership