Stan State Secures $125,000 Mental Health Grant

March 08, 2020


Stanislaus State has received a $125,000 California State University Basic Needs Initiative grant to better meet students’ mental health needs and improve their emotional well-being. 


The University plans to use the funds to strengthen partnerships with local mental health agencies, enhance existing mental health programs, increase faculty and staff training and establish a soothing space for student mindfulness. It is also exploring the possible expansion of a phone therapy program and adding web-based counseling. 

“Mental health is an integral part of student success on and off campus, so a grant that allows us to better provide mental health services is invaluable,” said Elizabeth Peisner, interim executive director for health and wellness. “This grant will help us further the good work that Psychological Counseling Services already does.” 

Partnerships with Haven Women’s Center and Stanislaus County mental health providers are planned for expansion to support student survivors of domestic violence and other trauma. There are also plans to enhance the peer-to-peer prevention and education program  PEER Project  and extend the program to the Victim Advocate and Veteran’s Affairs offices on campus, as well as to the Haven Women’s Center. 

The grant will allow the University to increase mental health first aid and suicide prevention training for faculty and staff through Stanislaus CountyTo increasstudent access to timely therapy-related services, a proposal to expand the use of ProtoCall phone counseling services and add online counseling support from TAO Connect is being explored. 

The student mindfulness space is envisioned for the Health Education and Promotion conference space in the Student Services Annex. It would include an area for relaxation, meditation, yoga, soft music and a small library with self-help materials. 

By supporting the full spectrum of students’ mental health needs while they are on campus, Peisner believes Stan State can do a better job of preparing them for happy and productive lives.   

“If students are well-grounded, that lays a better foundation for them to achieve their goals and future successes, she said.