Stan State Honors Eight Faculty with Outstanding Awards for 2020-2021

April 18, 2021

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Kim Greer announced the recipients of Stan State’s Outstanding Faculty Awards and the Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award for the 2020-2021 academic year. Presented annually, the Faculty Awards recognize exceptional achievements in teaching, research, service to the community and faculty governance.

Beginning April 26, StanNews will highlight one of this year's seven award winners each week. Congratulations to our outstanding faculty!

Outstanding Professor

Anita Pedersen-Pennock
Department of Psychology and Child Development

Anita Pedersen-Pennock's ability to cultivate an empathetic and engaging classroom environment despite virtual teaching and learning challenges has been truly admirable. In particular, she has made it a point to incorporate undergraduate and graduate students in research activities as well as leading the McNair Scholars, participating in the Faculty Mentor Program and serving on several committees for graduate theses.

Outstanding Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

Sarah Chan
Department of Music

Sarah Chan has been awarded eleven grants and has been prolific in the performance of her music in concertos and professional recordings. In addition, she has conducted countless master classes, interviews, and presentations, as well as created numerous publications. Her impact goes far beyond personal accomplishment and serves as outreach for the university and enriches our entire community.

Gina Cook
Department of Psychology and Child Development

Gina Cook has amassed over $1.5 million in grants, contracts, consulting, and other funding sources. In addition, she has authored 19 refereed publications and 8 books or other publications. With numerous conference presentations as well, her work has significantly impacted not only our campus, but her field of study as well.

Xun (Peter) Xu
Department of Management, Operations, and Marketing

Xun (Peter) Xu has created 43 refereed journal publications and four book chapters and editorial publications. He has also presented at countless conferences and given numerous professional presentations. With 10 papers under review and another 24 papers in progress, his work is prolific and meaningful on every level.

Outstanding Service in Faculty Governance

Ann Strahm
Department of Sociology

Ann Strahm has a distinguished record of active and engaged participation in faculty governance and has authored or co-authored several senate resolutions. The breadth and depth of her service to Stanislaus State is highlighted by her service as chair-elect of the University Educational Policies Committee (UEPC) and Vice President of the Stanislaus chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA). In addition, her work on various COVID-19 planning committees has been especially vital during these very trying times.

Outstanding Community Service

Dr. Aletha Harven
Department of Psychology and Child Development

Dr. Harven possesses a deep passion for our community and has given selflessly, her time, energy and attention to fostering an appreciation for important social justice issues in the Turlock community. Among other things, she organized the training event, "Confronting Anti-Black Racism on College Campuses." Not only was she able to reach our surrounding community members in this training, but international participants as well. Equally as admirable, are her services as a co-organizer for several important activities during Black History Month as well as a clothing drive for transgender and gender non-confirming students.

Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award

Sarah Bissonnette
Department of Biological Sciences

Sarah Bissonnette has cultivated an incredibly engaging and active learning environment for students in her courses. In addition, she provides extra support for students through supplemental instruction, learning assistants and direct mentorships. These experiences have been transformational for her students. Her work outside the classroom is equally as admirable and includes service as a co-PI for an NSF grant for collaboration and inclusion in the sciences.

Mary Roaf
Department of Anthropology, Geography and Ethnic Studies 

Mary Roaf is an accomplished scholar, highly impactful in the classroom, and incredibly dedicated to our students. Her teaching philosophy utilizes the development of critical analysis, informed by theory and practice, and a student-centered learning environment in a way that is absolutely phenomenal. In addition, she has dedicated time to the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (FCETL) in leading workshops on dismantling white supremacy in faculty teaching.