One Purpose Raises More Than $230,000 for Student Scholarships

October 21, 2016


The One Purpose campaign may have been shorter this year, four weeks instead of six, but volunteer efforts were unfazed by the change. During the volunteer fund drive, 142 campus and community members came together and donated their own time and energy to fundraising for students. The result of that determination was more than $230,000 for student scholarships.

“Thank you for being selfless,” said Sharill Youkhaneh, a biology major and One Purpose scholarship recipient at Stanislaus State. “That you are willing to help out students in your community, even if you may never meet them, is wonderful.”

Nearly 500 students have received scholarships as a result of the One Purpose campaign, which launched in 2014. Now at the close of its third year, this annual giving initiative has raised more than $1.8 million for students at Stanislaus State.

Jocelyn Camarillo is a sociology and ethnic studies major and first-generation student who received a One Purpose scholarship in 2016. She took the opportunity to attend one of the four weekly One Purpose receptions held during the campaign in order to meet some of the volunteers and share a heartfelt message with them.

“Thank you; muchas gracias,” Camarillo said. “Words cannot describe how grateful I am. This scholarship has motivated me and enabled me to continue my education.”

The dedication of the One Purpose volunteers is what drives the campaign forward. And the aim of the scholarships raised through their efforts is to encourage and motivate students who are already succeeding academically. Douglas Fairchild said the generosity of donors is what helps him afford school.

“Receiving your donation has relieved a lot of my financial stress,” said Fairchild, a marketing major and One Purpose scholar. “It feels really good to know that my hard work is noticed.”

440 donors generously pledged funds to the One Purpose campaign this year. Of those donors, 42 percent are Stanislaus State alumni.

“It’s a busy time of year for everyone yet we’ve achieved so much in just four weeks,” said President Ellen Junn. “Your involvement is much appreciated. Thank you!”

In the remarks of gratitude from One Purpose scholars, two patterns emerged: success and reciprocity. Many students explained how their One Purpose scholarships are helping them focus on their studies and keep their graduation goals in sight. Others shared how they have been inspired to give back to students after they graduate and enter their careers.

“As a future teacher, my One Purpose scholarship means so much to me.” said Nicole Armstrong, a liberal studies major, “To know that I am supported encourages me to inspire future generations.”

While the four-week volunteer effort has come to a close, those interested in giving to One Purpose can still make a contribution by contacting the Division of University Advancement at (209) 667-3131 or visiting