One Purpose Campaign Raises $516K for Student Scholarships

October 10, 2014

Volunteers Celebrate as the Inaugural Campaign Comes to a Close, Resulting in New Funds for Scholarships and Renewed Affinity in the Community


One Purpose volunteers
As the inaugural One Purpose campaign came to a close Thursday, volunteers celebrated the fund drive total of more than $516,000 in pledges.


Volunteers have spent the past six weeks sharing the vision of the One Purpose annual fund drive to invest in student success and the future workforce of the region. As the campaign came to a close on Thursday, Oct. 9, volunteers reported pledges totaling more than $516,000.

Every dollar raised through the campaign will be awarded as scholarships in Fall 2015 to CSU Stanislaus students who demonstrate academic excellence. One Purpose scholarships are intended to encourage those students to reach their full potential and continue their pursuit of higher education.

In the last two weeks of the campaign, volunteers were motivated by the generosity of two matching gifts from John and June Rogers — who have also provided leadership as chairs for the campaign — totaling $100,000.

Two pledges were made at the top level for corporate donors in Week 6. Volunteer Dan Leonard of Modesto reported a $10,000 gift from Bronco Wine Company, and Kaiser Permanente of Modesto also made a $10,000 gift. A $5,000 pledge from Modesto law firm Herum Crabtree Suntag was reported by volunteer and fund drive divisional leader Karna Petrulakis.

In addition to the $516,000 raised by volunteers, donors Matt and Maria Swanson made a $250,000 inspirational gift in July to establish the One Purpose endowment. Earnings from the endowment will supplement the dollars raised by volunteers each year, providing scholarships to students for years to come.

The inaugural One Purpose campaign brought together an unprecedented number of more than 170 productive volunteers from both the campus and the community to work together in fundraising for student scholarships.

“One Purpose has organized teams of volunteers and connected with donors from a variety of backgrounds from across the community,” said Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager, who volunteered for One Purpose. “Those individuals might not normally be involved with the campus, and by having the opportunity to experience what goes on here, those individuals have realized the value of having a university that is truly part of our community.”

More than 700 members joined One Purpose in this first year, and approximately half of them are new donors to the University. These new donors are representative of a community that values education and investment in students.

“It is incredibly meaningful that many of the pledges made through One Purpose are building new relationships and new affinity with the University,” said Jacqueline Holt, director of annual giving at CSU Stanislaus. “Our community is making an investment in student success that will inspire our future leaders and benefit our region.”

Curtis and Sally Souza of Turlock, who led a team of One Purpose volunteers, said that while they are active in a variety of community fundraisers, this experience has been particularly meaningful.

“This campaign has created a synergy — it really is a collective energy for a common cause,” Curtis Souza said. “It is very empowering to have the opportunity to give back and be involved in giving students the opportunity to be successful.”

Looking forward to the awarding of One Purpose scholarships next fall, volunteers from the campus and the community alike said the focus on students was what made the campaign rewarding.

“I am passionate about education and providing opportunities for students to learn and thrive,” volunteer Linda Davenport said. “I think the community has come together through this campaign, and there is no better way to do that than through education.”