HIPs Mini-Grant Helps Expand Campus Fitness Program

March 08, 2020

Kins Fit students and Dr. Jeff Bernard running in front of Fitzpatrick Arena
For Jeff Bernard, expanding KinsFit — the service learning fitness program he oversees as a faculty member in Stanislaus State’s Kinesiology Department — was made possible by working the HIPs.

In this case, HIPs stands for High Impact Practices. A Stan State HIPs workgroup was created in 2014 and charged with defining the term “high impact practices,” creating an inventory of HIPs already deployed across campus, and encouraging the broad adoption of HIPs across departments, programs and majors. Five years later, the HIPs workgroup was able to offer mini-grants to fund projects in the classroom and across campus.

Bernard applied for and received one of the grants, using the funds to purchase a variety of lightweight core training equipment to complement the KinsFit program’s existing equipment. In fall 2019, KinsFit had nearly 75 participants from the campus community and provided crucial opportunities for students to integrate their coursework into real-world practice, lead the program and work out at the same time.

“The mini-grant gave us enough money to complement what we were already doing,” said Bernard, who runs KinsFit through the capstone course KINS 4900 Exercise is Medicine. “The equipment improved the program and allowed our participants to do a full body workout. As a faculty member, it helped me get to know the students better. I work out with the students, but being out there, working out with them — and seeing them interact with each other and other faculty — students who may be shy in the classroom really stand out.”

According to Bernard, students are enjoying participating in the program and have left comments on his SPOT evaluations such as “I liked KinsFit more than lecture,” “I appreciated the opportunity of doing KinsFit and I felt like this was something I could use down the line,” and “KinsFit is excellent and I hope other students learn and succeed from it like I did.”

KinsFit is gearing up for a new semester. Students will be leading the exercise program from 4-5 p.m. in front of Fitzpatrick Arena on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through April 17. The program is open to the entire campus community and all skill levels and levels of fitness are welcome.

Another round of funding for HIPs-related work on campus is now available. With grants up to $2,000, applicants can use the money to fund a nearly limitless variety of effective practices at Stan State, from service learning projects to undergraduate research initiatives to student success programming.

More information on HIPs funding opportunities is available on the HIP website.