Health Center scores strong approval rating

The California State University, Stanislaus Student Health Center has received official notification of a full three-year accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This is the sixth consecutive cycle of full accreditation since 1991 when the Student Health Center first sought accreditation status.

AAAHC, a private, not-for-profit organization that assists health care organizations to improve the quality of care to their patients, commended the University's Student Health Center for its dedication and effort in providing high-quality health services to students.

Status as an accredited organization means the Student Health Center has passed a series of rigorous and nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality health care. The on-site surveyor was particularly impressed with the facility in Turlock as well as the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities performed by staff, stating in the report, "This organization is very sophisticated and knowledgeable about how to gain the maximum benefit from their CQI activities. They are fully aware of the concept of 'closing the loop.' Their studies cover a wide range of areas including: administrative, clinical outcome and cost of care issues."

This is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of the Student Health Center, said Denice Barr, Student Health Center Director. "We are pleased and proud to have our efforts recognized with this accreditation," Barr said. "It underscores our long-standing commitment to providing the highest possible level of quality care to the students at California State University, Stanislaus. It is our students who are the ultimate benefactors of our participation in the accreditation process."

Barr also commended the Student Health Center's staff, citing their exceptional commitment to excellence and dedication to critically evaluate their quality of care, level of performance and daily operations. In particular, each and every staff member, working collectively in teams, was intimately involved in assuring compliance with the accreditation standards and played a pivotal role in the center's success, she noted.

AAAHC is the largest accrediting organization in the ambulatory health care arena. Over 2,300 ambulatory health care organizations across the United States are accredited by the AAAHC, including most CSU student health centers.