CSU Stanislaus Provost Announces 2012-13 Outstanding Professor Awards

California State University (CSU), Stanislaus Provost James T. Strong has announced the recipients of the Outstanding Professor Awards for the 2012-13 academic year.

  • Outstanding Professor: Dr. Andy Young
  • Outstanding Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Professor: Dr. Arnold Schmidt
  • Outstanding Community Service Professor: Ms. Jessica Gomula-Kruzie
  • Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Award: Dr. Peggy Hauselt

Outstanding Professor: Dr. Andy Young
Andy Young, Professor of Philosophy, has been selected as the Outstanding Professor. Letters and IDEA ratings from current and former students illustrate his excellence in teaching and the meaningful impact he makes on CSU Stanislaus students. He teaches a wide range of courses, including Philosophy 1010 (Introduction to Philosophy), Philosophy 4050 (Environmental Ethics), and Philosophy 4450 (Eastern Philosophy). Professor Young inspires his students to think critically and explore new concepts, and one student noted that he serves as “both a source of information and new ways of thinking.” Another student praised his patience and knowledge and wrote that “[Professor Young] relates philosophical concepts to real issues.” Professor Young’s philosophy of education includes several commitments to student excellence, including imperatives to “make the material relevant… engage students in a process of self-reflection… improve their thinking, problem solving, reading, and writing skills… [and] encourage creativity” while teaching the history and concepts of philosophy. He is well respected by his colleagues, and their recommendation letters commend his excellence as a teacher-scholar and dedicated service to the University and local community. One colleague wrote that Professor Young’s “capacity to balance ongoing cultivation of [his] professional growth in directions significant to [him] while providing outstanding learning experiences for [his] students is highly commendable.”

Outstanding Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Professor: Dr. Arnold Schmidt
Arnold Schmidt, Professor of English, has been selected as the Outstanding Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Professor. Professor Schmidt is an exemplary scholar who has established his reputation as an international scholar on 19th Century British literature, as evidenced by his broad range of publications and academic achievements. Perhaps most notable is his incorporation of his scholarly work into his teaching, and a former student wrote that Professor Schmidt “always involved the larger context of literary works and movements into the specific class readings” and “helped us engage with the work.” His lifelong commitment to scholarship serves as his foundation for teaching, and his colleagues deeply respect and admire his work. One colleague noted “how prolific and versatile Professor Schmidt has been as a researcher and a teacher,” and another colleague praised the “depth and originality of his scholarship and the exceptional range of his intellectual and creative interests.”

Outstanding Community Service Professor: Ms. Jessica Gomula-Kruzic
Jessica Gomula-Kruzic, Associate Professor of Art, has been selected as the Outstanding Community Service Professor. Professor Gomula-Kruzic’s enthusiasm and dedication to our students and local community is commendable. She has pursued and received multiple substantial grants, and one colleague wrote that she has “successfully won large grants to celebrate the community and to envision a better future for Modesto.” An example of Professor Gomula-Kruzic’s positive impact on the local community is the creation of the Building Imagination Center, an art video center funded by a nationally competitive $176,171 ArtPlace grant. The Building Imagination Center provides free events that celebrate art and architecture in Modesto and surrounding areas, and our community clearly appreciates Professor Gomula-Kruzic’s efforts, based on the response and participation to date. Her current scholarly project, the creation of a documentary about nationally significant architecture in Modesto, will further highlight and celebrate local history. Her community engagement and scholarly activities also inform her teaching, and students learn from her dynamic projects and real-world experiences.

Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award: Dr. Peggy Hauselt
Peggy Hauselt, Assistant Professor of Geography, has been selected as the recipient of the Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award. By all accounts, Professor Hauselt is an exemplary teacher-scholar. Students appreciate her considerable knowledge and her “hands-on” approach, which provides the students with opportunities to apply geographical concepts to a wide variety of real-world situations. She demonstrates a passion for teaching, pedagogical growth, and the integration of current technology into innovative courses. Excellent teaching is informed by ongoing research, and Professor Hauselt incorporates her scholarly work into her courses, encourages student participation in research, and demonstrates a strong commitment to the pursuit of grants and other external funds to support the Geography program. Students excel under her guidance, as evidenced by her IDEA evaluations and significant increase in student enrollment in the Geography program. Professor Hauselt is well respected by her colleagues, and nomination letters from colleagues lauded her as an innovator, teacher, student mentor and scholar. Student letters praised her for her incorporation of “real-world” experience and her guidance toward preparing students for a “career after college.” Not only does Professor Hauselt serve the campus as an innovative teacher-scholar, but she also engages and builds meaningful relationships with the CSU Stanislaus community, such as her organization of GIS Day and dedicated efforts to connect students with local internship opportunities.