CSU Stanislaus joins Federal Network of Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units

California State University, Stanislaus has been accepted as a new member of the Californian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (Californian CESU), part of a national network of federal agencies and partnering institutions that work collaboratively on ecosystem and resources management issues.

The University joins seven other CSU campuses, nine University of California campuses, and nine federal agencies in the Californian CESU - one of 17 regional cooperatives in the CESU national network - to provide research, technical assistance, and education in addressing natural and cultural issues in an environmental/ecosystem context.

"Modern science is a collective and collaborative enterprise," said Patrick Kelly, Professor of Zoology and Coordinator of the CSU Stanislaus Endangered Species Recovery Program who helped bring about the University's admission to the Californian CESU. "Membership increases our potential for expanded collaboration not only with federal partners in the CESU network, but also with our own faculty, departments, colleges, and administration, and with other institutions."