CSU Stanislaus accepts three $100,000 gifts in one week

California State University, Stanislaus, today received a $100,000 donation from entrepreneur and philanthropist Sebastian Paul Musco to support University programs. This is the third contribution at or near the $100,000 level that has been donated to CSU Stanislaus over the past week.

Dr. Ham Shirvani, President of CSU Stanislaus, said, "It is a true honor to be receiving philanthropic support from such a wide array of businesses and supporters. The University's reputation for academic excellence and access is reaching further out into the community. The financial support from Paul Musco, Kaiser Permanente, and E & J Gallo Winery will help us continue to improve programs aimed at educating tomorrow's workforce and community leaders."

Sebastian Paul Musco is the owner of Santa Ana-based Gemini Industries, a leader in the precious metal industry that recovers platinum and palladium from spent auto catalysts and has the largest plant facilities in the world.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Musco has dedicated his life to family and philanthropy. At 81 years of age, he said he devotes himself to "anything that's good for children, for education, and for the development of young talent." Per written direction from Musco, his gift will be used to advance programs at CSU Stanislaus, according to the discretion of President Shirvani.

Last week, E & J Gallo Winery contributed $125,000 to CSU Stanislaus to upgrade the University's Computer Information Systems (CIS) lab. A large number of information technology students at CSU Stanislaus serve as interns for Gallo and gain full-time employment at the company after graduation.

Kaiser Permanente has contributed $90,000 to the University in support of its expanding Nursing Program. The gift will fund $30,000 in scholarships for nursing students in addition to a new faculty position for the Nursing Department's Learning Resource Center.

For more information about the Musco, E & J Gallo, and Kaiser gifts to CSU Stanislaus, contact Kristin Olsen in the University's Office of Public Affairs at 209-667-3610, or see the additional news releases posted on the University's website at www.csustan.edu.