Academic Success Center Helps Students Stay Focused

October 23, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, studying meant meeting with a study group, finding a quiet spot in the University Library or hitting the books at home while roommates or family members were away.

A lot has changed since early March. Social distancing has suspended study groups, library buildings are temporarily off limits and homes have become work/school environments with plenty of noise, activity and distractions. These days, it can be tough to find a good time and quiet place to study.

“The challenge we hear most often from students is that their parents are working and they are home trying to concentrate on school while they also watch their younger siblings,” said Silvia Soria, academic advisor and peer mentor program lead for the Stanislaus State Educational Opportunity Program.

Soria and the rest of the Stan State Academic Success Center team are available remotely to help students overcome this and other challenges. By connecting with the Academic Success Center, students can meet with advisors and mentors who will help them juggle their schedules, carve out study time and stay motivated despite the pandemic.

Here are some tips from the Academic Success Center to help students overcome obstacles to studying:

  • Are you juggling school with watching younger siblings while your parents work? Try scheduling your study time for times when they are busy online, doing homework or napping.

  • If you are responsible for watching younger siblings, keep their schedules in mind when you choose your classes for the spring semester. Try to schedule your classes for times when they are usually doing homework or napping so that you can focus without distractions.

  • Good communications with everyone in your household will go a long way toward helping you study without distractions. Make sure family members or roommates are aware of your study schedule and ask for their help keeping the household reasonably quiet and distraction-free.

  • As we all try to stay safe during the pandemic, many people are finding themselves in situations they didn’t expect. Don’t be shy about talking to your professors about any circumstances that affect your ability to keep up with your studies. They may be able to help you with flexibility and good advice.

  • Many professors record their lectures and post their presentations online after each class. Accessing these resources is a great way to refresh your memory or catch up on a class that you missed.

  • Is WiFi slow at your house? Do you need a computer to keep up with your classes? Stan State’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) may be able to help with tech tips and loaner hotspots, Chromebooks and laptops. OIT can be reached by emailing