What is Portfolium?

Portfolium is an electronic portfolio network for students and alumni. Showcase your work, projects and activities. Your online presence and resume will be enhanced by a strong portfolio that you can take with you after your days at Stan State. Use Portfolium to visually tell your academic and professional story with the work you’ve completed and the activities in which you’re involved.

3 reasons to take advantage of this new Stan State Alumni resource:

  1. Showcase your work
    Use Portfolium to showcase your work to future employers. Bring your resume to life with photos and videos you’ve done in class or on the job. Portfolium gives you the ability to upload real work samples, including photos, videos, PDFs, and more to your portfolio. Enhance your resume and your online profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others, by embedding these Portfolium entries. Learn how to enhance a LinkedIn profile using Portfolium.
  2. Connect with your fellow Warriors
    Network with Stan State students and alumni to share ideas, collaborate and be inspired. Join a vibrant, online Warrior community. We are encouraging all students, alumni and faculty to begin sharing their stories and experiences within the Stan State’s exclusive network.
  3. Network and apply to companies
    You’ve been given a verified alumni account within our exclusive Stan State network, which will showcase your portfolio directly to our corporate partners and employers looking to hire for internships and full-time opportunities. See the full list of companies.

Also, Portfolium is also a great place to find candidates for open positions at your company. Warriors hiring Warriors!

What to add to your Portfolium

  • Work Accomplishments – Professional resume, letters of recommendation, list of professional references
  • Education and Training – Training you’ve attended, certificates, workshops
  • Activities and Volunteer Work – Non-profit, charity and volunteer work, photos from events you have coordinated
  • Personal – Interests and special training or independent self-taught learning

View the complete list of examples on the Portfolium website

Questions? For Portfolium questions, Frequently Asked Questions or to contact the Portfolium support team email support@portfolium.com or via the website.