Director’s Corner

Photo from Warrior Wisdom eventDuring this season of giving, I would like to let you know about an important way that Stan State alumni can give — not of your money (although that’s always very much appreciated) but of your time and, equally important, of your expertise.

I’m talking about student mentoring. Alumni can make a huge difference in the lives of current students.

We’re looking to expand alumni mentorship opportunities in very bold and tangible ways. We already have some mentoring programs in place — successful programs such as Dinners for Warriors and our various Warrior Wisdom panel discussions.

When I was a student here at Stan State, I didn’t have a formal mentor relationship with any one person, but I can point to Communication Studies Professor Vickie Harvey as someone who pointed me in the right direction. At her suggestion, I started participating in the production of the department newsletter and started looking at gaining off-campus job experience for University credit. Without her encouragement, I never would have sought-out those opportunities and my own career path likely would have taken a different trajectory.

Sharing your experience to impact current students can be that simple. This spring, we will launch an online alumni mentorship program where Stan State graduates can sign-up to be a mentor for current students, for recent graduates seeking a mentor in specific fields or for graduates in career transition.

These mentoring opportunities are nearly endless in scope and range, from agreeing to review a resume, to being willing to talk to a student about getting started in a chosen field or how to prepare for interviews. Additional interactions could take place outside the online platform, such as group seminars or one-on-one chats over coffee, with opportunities included in current campus events, such as Alumni Week or Homecoming.

It’s all about preparing Stan State students to be ready to launch careers when they graduate, as well as a way for alumni to stay connected with the University.

Establishing this mentorship program is a very strong priority of the Alumni Advisory Council. They know that mentorship can have a strong positive impact on the region and also has the potential to lead directly to employment or internships for Stan State students.

Like my interaction with Dr. Harvey, nearly all of you can think of someone who helped you along the way in college — someone who guided or merely encouraged you in a way that made a difference in your life. This is your chance to take that experience and pay it forward.

If you’re interested in participating in any way as an alumni mentor, please visit our website to sign up for more information. The program will formally launch in the spring.

And as always, Go Warriors!

Lisa McMullen, ’08
Director, Alumni Relations