General Concentration

The General Concentration will provide options within the Agricultural Studies major that offer flexibility in the career choice objectives of the students in the Stan State Agricultural Studies Program. This concentration presents the unique opportunity to combine core courses and Upper Division requirements with courses, outside of the program, which fulfill a student’s educational and career goals. The result is a concentration geared towards specific student objectives, while at the same time, maintaining the integrity of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Agricultural Studies.

Requirements for the General Concentration include completion of lower division agriculture preparation or equivalent -€“ preferably an A.A. or A.S. degree. In addition, students must meet all requirements for the Agricultural Studies major, and all other university graduation requirements.

General Concentration 

Major Upper Division Courses (Minimum 43 units) 

Core Courses (Minimum 22 units). One course from each area.

A. Capstone Course/ WP (3) 

  • AGEC 4400 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship WP (3)
  • AGST 4450 Research Methods in Agriculture WP (3) 

B. Methodology/Technology of Agriculture 

  • GEOG 4750 Geographic Information Systems (3) 
  • GEOG 4770 Remote Sensing of the Environment (3) 

C. Physical/Biological Aspects of Agriculture 

  • AGST 3950 Tree and Fruit Crop Production and Management (3) 
  • AGST 4070 Agricultural Geography (4) 
  • AGST 4080 Sustainable Agriculture (3) 

D. Business/Economics of Agriculture 

  • ECON 4640 Economics and Agriculture (3) 

E. Agriculture Policy and Regulations 

  • PSCI 4326 Agricultural Policy and Regulations (4) 

F. Labor/Personnel Management 

  • AGST 3100 Leadership and Labor issues in Agriculture (3) 

G. Internship

  • AGST 4940 Ag Studies Internship (1-4) 

1. Courses required in Concentration (12 units) 

  • Choose courses within any of the Ag Studies Concentrations 

2. Approved Ag/Education course (3 units) 

  • Choose one course in Ag/Education 

3. Upper Division Electives (6 units) 

  • Choose two courses in ag or related fields