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Ag Studies Internship Course Description

Supervised work in an agency or business related to Agricultural Studies. Emphasis on technical and employability skill development and the construction of a professional portfolio.

Goal of the Internship

Students choose an agribusiness firm that most closely aligns with their personal career goal in agriculture. The Goal of the Internship is to immerse the student in real-world opportunities that develop relationships with an agricultural firm and people employed in a variety of agriculture careers.

How does the program work?

Internship positions are obtained two ways...

  1. The student makes the initial contact with the industry firm, or
  2. The student accesses the list of internship possibilities in the Ag Studies office or on this Web site

The company offers skill building employment and provides one performance evaluation.

The program advisor will make at least one job-site visit.

Program Advisor will provide the Electronic Portfolio CD and introduction in its use.

Student develops a Professional Portfolio and documents hours and skills developed.

What are the advantages?

For The Industry Partner:

  • Strengthen the relationship with Stan State Ag Studies
  • Partnership in student education by providing interns with real world experiences in career environments.
  • Obtain a first-hand look at a potential employee
  • Take advantage of the creativity, motivation and skills of a person currently enrolled in the university

For The Ag Studies Student:

  • Obtain real-world experience in a career setting
  • An opportunity to explore career options and areas
  • Develop industry standard skills and understanding about a potential career area
  • Opportunity to prove oneself to a prospective future employer

How do I sign up?

Students: Enroll in AGST 4940 Ag Studies Internship on the Special Registration form (available in the Ag Studies office)

Industry Partner: Call the Ag Studies office with information about the internship (position title, job description, salary, hours, start date, minimum and desired qualifications)

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