Comprehensive Exam

  1. Review the Comprehensive Exam Policies/Procedures and Praxis Information (PDF)
  2. Submit a Comprehensive Exam Application Ensure that your coursework meets the 7-year time limit for completion of the M.A.
  3. Apply to the University, if not currently registered. Ongoing registration requires course registration during at least one semester within the calendar year.
  4. Register for EDGS 7006, Comprehensive Exam, for the semester in which you will take the exam, (unless registered for a class that semester).
  5. Take Praxis Exam. Submit results to Advanced Studies department, DBH 348.
  6. Current Passing Praxis Score is 600.
  7. If notified that you did not pass the Praxis Exam, retake the exam. If notified that you did pass, congratulate yourself!
  8. Portfolio Meeting with the Program Coordinator Portfolio Information
  9. Attend a Comprehensive completion meeting.

PRAXIS Study Documents for Test 0420 (OHIO) - ONLY FOR MARCH 2014 TEST.  After March 2014 a new test will be implemented.

Counseling Exit Interview.pdf