Associate Degree for Transfer

A California Community College student who has earned an AA-T or AS-T will be granted priority admission to the CSU into a similar baccalaureate (BA/BS) degree program with a guarantee of junior standing as long as the student meets all prescribed admission requirements. Once admitted, the student will only be required to complete 60 additional prescribed units to qualify for the similar baccalaureate (BA/BS) degree.

For more information contact your Community College Transfer Center or visit the Associate Degree for Transfer web page for a current list of AA-T/AS-T Approved Degrees offered by your Community College.

To qualify for the guarantee at CSU Stanislaus, a student must be pursuing one of the majors shown in the table below and the corresponding approved option or concentration that matches the AA-T or AS-T degree. To learn more about CSU Stanislaus majors and options, visit the Academic Programs web site.

Verification - California Community College AA-T/AS-T degree applicants must submit verification that they have or are finishing the remaining requirements for the AA-T/AS-T degree by October 31, 2014 for Spring 2015 and March 15, 2015 for Fall 2015 admissions. Verification documentation can be a California community college AA-T/AS-T verification form, or a document prepared by a community college representative indicating degree status.

SB1440 Similar or Comparable Degrees

AA-T or AS-T Degree Stanislaus State Similar or Comparable Major
Administration of Justice Criminal Justice – all concentrations except Forensic Science
Agriculture Business Agriculture Studies – all concentrations 
Agriculture Animal Science  Agriculture Studies – all concentrations
Agriculture Plant Science Agriculture Studies – all concentrations
Anthropology Anthropology – all concentrations 
Art History Art – Art History (BA)
Biology Biological Sciences (BA and BS) - all concentrations
Business Administration Business Administration – all concentrations except Accounting 
Chemistry Chemistry (BA and BS)
Communication Studies Communication Studies
Gender Studies – all concentrations 
Computer Science Computer Science
Early Childhood Education Child Development – all concentrations 
Economics Economics 
Elementary Teacher Education Liberal Studies – all concentrations
English English (including TESOL concentration) Gender Studies – all concentrations
Geography Geography – all concentrations
Geology Geology 
History History
Gender Studies – all concentrations
Kinesiology Kinesiology – all concentrations
Mathematics Mathematics (BA and BS)
Music Music (BA)  – all concentrations
Philosophy Philosophy
Physics Physics (BA and BS)
Political Science Political Science
Psychology Psychology – all concentrations
Sociology Sociology – all concentrations
Spanish Spanish 
Studio Arts Art – Studio (BA)
Theatre Arts Theatre Arts