Special Visit FAQs

This page has been prepared for the CSU Stanislaus campus community to answer general questions about the WASC Special Visit Report (August, 2011) and Site Visit process to occur Monday and Tuesday, November 7-8, 2011. If you have a specific question or comment, and would like to contact the campus Special Visit Research Team (SVRT) or Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) in confidence, please see the campus contact page for either option.
As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the main Special Visit web site

What is a Special Visit?

A Special Visit is designed to address a campus specific issue identified in the WASC accreditation process usually due to a concern in curricular, financial, and/or governance issues.


What is a Special Visit Report?

A Special Visit Report is prepared by the campus to address the issue(s) revealed in the Capacity and Preparatory Review or Educational Effectiveness Review by the WASC Visiting Team.


Why did our campus complete a Special Visit Report?

Three issues were identified following the Educational Effectiveness Review. The WASC Commission Letter.pdf (July 13, 2010) identified these issues. The Special Visit Report provides our response to the issues, progress made, and future plans towards resolving those issues.


Who was involved in writing the Special Visit report?

The Special Visit Report was prepared with the assistance of many individuals. Senior administrators provided the leadership and the Special Visit Research Team guided the action research study conducted for the Special Visit Report. Individuals include: President Shirvani, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Strong, Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources Shimek, Vice President for Business and Finance Giambelluca; and members of the Special Visit Research Team: Co-chairs Professor Garcia and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Accreditation Liaison Officer Kornuta, Professor O'Brien, Professor Stanislaw, Dean Tuedio, and Senior Manager for Human Resources and Compliance Leguria.


What is involved in the Special Visit?

Following the identification of issues, our campus began actions in response. The Report was prepared to provide a summary of the way in which the issues were addressed and included an action research project to determine what those actions were and to identify faculty perceptions about those actions. A team of our peers was identified by WASC to read the Report and to visit our campus.

The WASC Special Visit is similar to a research project. The WASC Special Visit Team collects data related to the issues in two major ways: 1) the Team reviews the Special Visit Report and may review past campus and/or Team reports; and 2) the Team interviews key campus members mentioned in the report.


Who are the members of the WASC Special Visit Team?

There are three members on the WASC Special Visit Team:
View Special Visit Site TeamRoster.pdf


How long will the WASC Special Visit Team visit?

The WASC Special Visit Team will be on campus all day Monday, November 7 and will conclude their visit following a campus exit interview Tuesday morning.


How do I get involved in the Special Visit process?

  • Read the Special Visit Report (Accessing the Special Visit Report.pdf);
  • Attend a campus meeting prior to the site visit (dates to be announced);
  • Attend a campus open forum (dates to be announced); and
  • ​Attend your session during the site visit (schedule to be posted).


Will there be an opportunity for the campus community to share their written views and comments?

Opportunities to share views and comments include:

  • The Speaker of the Faculty has sent the report to all Senate committees including Senate Executive Committee and related groups and asked them to read the report and provide feedback.
  • The Speaker scheduled the report as a Senate discussion agenda item to answer questions and listen to feedback with the campus Special Visit Research Team in attendance.
  • An Open Forum is planned in October.
              1. The campus community is invited to visit the Special Visit website and send a confidential email. There are two options for sending an email.
              2. The first option is to send a confidential email to the campus Special Visit Research Team (SVRT). These email messages are only accessed and read by the SVRT.
  • The second option is to send a confidential email to the campus Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). These email messages are only accessed and read by the ALO.
  • ​An external WASC confidential email account will be available later in October. These email messages are only accessed by the WASC Special Visit Team.

What groups/individuals will the WASC Special Visit Team be interviewing?

The WASC Special Visit Team's schedule, with interview groups identified, will be posted on the Special Visit website once available.


What happens after the WASC Special Visit Team leaves?

The WASC Special Visit Team will prepare their report that summarizes their response to our Report as well as their impressions gained during the campus visit. The Team Report will also include the Visiting Team's assessment of the progress made towards addressing the issues and recommendations for future actions. The Team Report will be submitted to the Accreditation Liaison Officer for correction of errors of facts. The WASC Team Report should be available to our campus in December 2011.


If the WASC Visiting Team reports that limited progress has been made, what might their recommendations be?

The WASC Commission provided CSU Stanislaus a 9-year reaccreditation status following our Educational Effectiveness Review Visit in 2010. The WASC Visiting Team will provide recommendations based on their review of our Special Visit Report and the campus visit. There are many possible recommendations. For example, the Team may recommend that CSU Stanislaus continue with plans to address issues and report progress in the Interim Report (originally due 2015). The Team may request for additional report(s) before 2015 and may also suggest one member of the Team return to campus prior to 2015.