Student Resources

Recommendations for Students with Disabilities

  • For ADA accommodation requests, contact Disability Resource Services to determine eligibility and available services.
  • Plan ahead and submit requests for alternate format textbooks and accommodations well in advance.
  • Display a valid DMV placard when using Disabled parking space on campus.
  • Contact DRS to arrange cart service for a permanent or temporary disability. 
  • Contact your instructor about all course content issues, especially tests.

Understanding Disability

Event Planning Guidelines for Accessibility

Treat people with disabilities with the same respect and consideration with which you treat others. There are no strict rules when it comes to relating to people with disabilities. However, here are some helpful tools to creating a welcoming event.

Recommendations for All Students

  • Understand that everyone communicates and performs tasks at a different pace and in different ways.
  • Review Points to Remember when you meet a person with a disability.
  • Protect and respect the privacy of individuals with disabilities. 

Disability Resource Services

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