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Recognizing Support for Accessibility at CSU Stanislaus

Dr. Al Petrosky in classDr. Al Petrosky
Management, Operations, & Marketing
College of Business Administration

Dr. Al Petrosky, Management, Operations, and Marketing, is an ATI Superstar because of his innovative approach to teaching and his commitment to student success. Dr. Petrosky's use of assistive technology in some of his classes led him to approach OIT for assistance in captioning videos. This experience has given him an appreciation of the challenges faced by students with disabilities. He believes that providing accessible instructional materials isn't offering something extra to students with disabilities, but it gives all students a pathway to success. He says that technology allows students to interact with the class materials in different ways and that support learning.

"I've worked with Dr. Petrosky for many years and always found him to be open to new ideas and teaching methods when there is a tangible academic benefit for his students." - Brian Duggan

"Dr. Petrosky was eager to take advantage of the captioning and transcription service that OIT provides to the campus. When he ran into problems with some older software that he'd used to create over 20 marketing mini-lectures, he inquired about whether our service could help generate text transcriptions of each lecture. He sent me the files, and I was able to extract the audio, and we got all the transcriptions in about two weeks." - Glenn Pillsbury

The Accessible Technology Initiative is succeeding on campus because of this type of commitment to student success. Thank you Dr. Petrosky!

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