Release Management & Annual Review Process

The Curriculog purchase was finalized in October to November 2017. The system was implementated in three stages. An annual review (Stage 4) and update will occur each June. A review summary with a detailed improvement action plan will be posted each year before relaunching Curriculog for the susequent academic year. During this time, no curriculum proposals will be accepted. 

  1. Stage 1 Product Implementation: January to July 2018 - Completed July 16, 2018
    The Office of the Provost assisted the Digarc Implementation team to implement current forms into Curriculog. The campuses implementation team representatives included Sarah Schraeder (campus implementation lead, Curriculum Specialist), Amanda Theis (Director of Academic Operations), Stuart Wooley (Director for General Education), and Christie Campos (Academic Programs Graduate Student for 2017-2018). In July 2018, the Curriculum Specialist made final revisions to Curriculog to prepare to test the system with faculty members.
  2. Stage 2 Testing: Early August 2018 - Completed August 1-17, 2018
    A series of tests occured with faculty who volunteered to attend training and testing sessions with Sarah Schraeder, Curriculum Specialist, and Gurpreet Aulak, Academic Programs Graduate Assistant for 2018-2019. The system was revised in order to accommodate potential issues or concerns highlighted by the testing volunteers. 
  3. Stage 3 Campus Release: Mid-August 2018
    Curriculog was released to the campus on August 20, 2018. After this date, faculty were able to submit curriculum proposals effective for the 2019-2020 Academic Catalog for review and approval.
  4. Stage 4 Annual Review:
    June 2019

    The Curriculum Specialist will review and implement any requested and suggested revisions to for the 2019-2020 Curriculog proposals. A detailed improvement action plan will be posted before this relaunch.