Curriculog - Curriculum Management Software

Campus Consultation

 Curriculog Curriculum ManagementThe Office of the Provost introduced a curriculum management software designed to integrate with the current online catalog and PeopleSoft in fall 2017 to the Stanislaus State faculty. Curriculog is a curriculum management system software hosted by Digarc, the company that currently hosts Stanislaus State’s online catalog (

Product Information

The system accommodates proposal forms for revised courses and programs to be prefilled with what is currently approved in the catalog. Curriculog automatically routes new and revised proposals for approval. Agendas with curricula can be developed and routed to committees in the system. The software allows all faculty to see what courses and programs are proposed, whether they are on or off campus. Information can be available to public or via sign-on. Paperless process would substantially reduce the unnecessary use of paper/printing and allow all comments/revisions to be handled within Curriculog.

Curriculog easily integrates with current University catalog program (Acalog) and PeopleSoft. The information from Curriculog can be “pushed out” to the catalog, reducing the human error factor and reducing manual work. For more information about the product, view the Curriculog Information Sheet.pdf.

Governance Consultation

In order to ensure that there was campus interest and need for a curriculum management software, the University Curriculum Specialist shared demonstrations in fall 2017 with key stakeholders and collected feedback after each demonstration until September 22, 2017. The feedback was shared with the Senate Executive Committee and the Provost. 

Stakeholders Consultation Schedule
Academic Senate Speaker August 28
College Curriculum Committee CAHSS - September 8
CBA - September 14
COS - September 21
COEKSW - September 21
University Educational Policies Committee September 21
Dean's & Department Chairs September 15
Senate Executive Committee September 26


Faculty Feedback 

Most of the feedback indicated interest and support of the purchase of Curriculog as a curriculum management software. It was identified as "promising" and that it would allow for a "smooth" and "transparent" curriculum process. Some had concerns about the need for in-house technological support to support the software, but it was indicated that the company includes a hosting and support package that should minimize such requirements. 

Strategic Plan Alignment

The purchase of a curriculum management software aligns with Goal 4, Objective A of the Strategic Plan Draft

  • Goal 4: Hone administrative efficacy through thoughtful stewardship of resources.
  • Objective A: Improve at ten or more administrative practices and processes. 

Tentative Implementation Plan

The Curriculog purchase was finalized in October to November 2017. The tentative implementation plan will occur in three stages:

  1. Stage 1: January to March 2018
    The Office of the Provost will assist the Digarc team to implement current forms into Curriculog. 
  2. Stage 2: April to May 2018
    A series of tests will occur with faculty governance committees. The system will be revised in order to accommodate potential issues or concerns. 
  3. Stage 3: August 2018
    Curriculog will have a Go-Live date currently tentative for no later of August 15, 2018. After this date, faculty may being to submit curriculum proposals effective for the 2019-2020 Academic Catalog and the Fall 2019 course schedule for review and approval. 


Will faculty and staff trainings be available? 

Yes. When training dates and times are determined, they will be announced to the campus community. 

Do you have an online training manual? 

Yes. It will be available during the training sessions. 

Which browser should I use for Curriculog? 

Please use the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Internet Explorer is not recommended). 

Can I access Curriculog from home or other locations not on campus?

Yes. It is accessible as long as you have an internet connection via your phone, tablet, or computer.