Course & Curricular Changes

Important Notice

  1. We are currently implementing Curriculog, a paperless curriculum management, for all curriculum proposals. 

  2. We have a planned Go-Live-Date in August 2018. 

  3. We encourage everyone to wait to submit proposals for the 2019/20 Academic Year until we go live with Curriculog. 

For questions, please call x3332 or email Sarah Schraeder.

The Office of Academic Programs would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about course proposals and curricular changes.  Please feel free to contact the Curriculum Specialist.

 Course Proposals
 Course Fee Proposal
 Program Revision

Other Major Program Revisions, such as the below, click here.

  • Elevating Concentrations to Full Degree Programs
  • Converting Self-Support to State Support Programs
  • Adding a Self-Support Version of a State-Support Offering
  • Changing a Degree Title or Suggesting a New Code
  • Changing the Degree Designation of a Program