Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Mary Signorelli

Class Level:

Degree Objective:
Bachelor of Art

Criminal Justince

Hometown/Branch of Service:
Douglas, AZ/ U.S. Army


I joined the U.S. Army in April of 2007. I was honorably discharged in April 2011 and am now serving my four years of inactive duty. People always ask why I joined and there were many responses for me to choose from. I wanted to go back to school and finally get my BA, I didn't want to be homeless any longer, I wanted to travel and didn't have the funds, I wanted to wake up feeling useful every day, or my personal favorite, why not?

Luckily all these reasons turned out to be damned good reasons for joining the military. I am currently here at Stanislaus and am in my senior year pursing Criminal Justice and Political Science. I am no longer homeless and while I was in the Army, they gave me a bunk and a space to call my own. I have gotten to travel to several states in the U.S., South Korea, Romina, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and yes . . . Afghanistan. I got the opportunity to wake up every morning and prove myself as a Soldier and as a member of a team accomplishing a mission bigger than ourselves. I have experienced humanity and hatred, hope and humility, smiles and tears, and have images in my mind that will last forever. Last but not least, I did it to prove to myself that I could leave a positive mark on this world and there is no greater reason than that.