Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Jose Garcia

Class Level:
Graduated Spring 2013

Degree Objective:
Bachelor of Art

Criminal Justice

Hometown/Branch of Service:
Modesto, CA/ U.S. Marines


Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?
I chose CSU Stanislaus because of its location and beautiful environment.

What advice would you give Prospective Students?
Don't ever think that you can't accomplish anything. There may be obstacles in your way i.e., budget cuts and cancelled classes, but if you never stop believing in yourself no obstacle is too big to overcome.

What has been your favorite academic or student life experience so far?
Meeting new people and interacting with different professors.

What is your career objective?
To work for the government, whether is be in the FBI, US Marshalls or being a police officer.

Do you plan to attend Graduate School?
Not sure yet.

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?
Veteran’s Club

Who are your most influential personal and/or University mentor?
Nadine Kent, Dr. Werling, Judge Helfer and Dr. Routh